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Do Good. Feel Good. Every Day.

Why do good?

This question probably isn’t one that makes sense. Everyone wants to do good, don’t they?
Good is just the name we give to activities that we think should be done. So why should anyone question whether they want to do good or not?
Maybe a better question to ask is…:

Why NOT do good?

If you’re anything like I was, you want to make a positive contribution to the world…
…you want to do things in ways that accord with your values
…that feel good and make the world a better place
What stops you is a belief that doing good takes time, large efforts, and has to mean sacrificing your own comfort, enjoyment or security

Some Assumptions about Doing Good

...that might not be correct...

Assumption 1: It has to be big

No deed too small

This assumption comes from a great place: if something’s worth doing, we ought to go big on it!

But good deeds don’t have to be huge acts.

Little and often is a great way to change the world, and many small acts can add up to real and lasting change


Assumption 2: I don’t have TIME

No deed too quick

We all have really busy lives – and it can often feel like we’re constantly running from one meeting to the next.

But the belief that we don’t have time arises from an assumption that good deeds have to take a long time (or be big – see Assumption 1!).

If we’re honest, we all have ten seconds to throw away a piece of rubbish, or express a simple thank you to people we can often take for granted.

Assumption 3: it’s a sacrifice

Everybody wins

Lots of people have a built-in feeling that doing good for others has to inherently mean something unpleasant for yourself.

But when we do something nice, it’s usually a pleasant surprise to find it actually makes us feel really great!

Rather than losing anything when you make the world a better place, everybody wins!

Assumption 4: it takes lots of preparation

DiDaDe can help

Whether it’s looking for opportunities to do something positive, or simply remembering to do so on a regular basis, forming a habit can be hard…

…that’s where DiDaDe comes in. We’ll send you a friendly, clear email with suggestions for daily good acts that you can do.

WARNING: you may no longer have any excuse for not doing good, or feeling great!

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